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Who am I

I guess I should start by introducing myself... Hi! I'm Frederick. The moniker "re cretino" is derived from a loose Italian translation of "king dork." Because I immediately connected to the song by The Mr. T Experience as well as the novel of the same name by their lead singer Frank Portman I opted to use it for promoting my artistic pursuits.

From a very early age I displayed the ability to draw well enough that I took classes to hone that skill, entered various contests and competitions to receive validation beyond that of my immediate family, and took all of that positive feedback with every grain of salt I could find. Some time after high school I started to let those skills deteriorate to the dismay of my closest friends. Not long ago I life brought me back to university in an attempt to reinvent my career, studying Information Systems with Visual Communication Design (or graphic design if you will) as a minor, and now I have an itch to share what I am learning and doing with those aforementioned friends as well as potential employers.

While not as existential as I'd like it to appear, the question of "Who am I?" may be answered little by little through this endeavor. I'll attempt explain a little about who I am and what I do. During this journey those of you that DO know me can send some feedback about what you think I should do with all of this.

Please enjoy and let me know what you think.