Our instructor had a gallery exhibit on campus called Tilt/Shift that opened on the night of my 40th birthday. It was a really cool colaboration of photography and interactive media.  One of the assignments he gave us was to take a photo approximately every hour that we were awake over the course of a week. Many of the pictures in the gallery were taken during that week.
 As I mentioned in my final project, I REALLY like the world through a very close up lens. This was a taster glass of beer at Crush Wine and Spirits taken during the week-long photo project.
 Also at Crush, a tasty beer and some Irish nachos during the epic week of photos. This may have even been the same beer that I sampled in the other picture.
 Crush and I may have a problem... This is a Boston cocktail, and it was deeee-licious.
 This is my bike, locked up outside of my townhouse. I really liked the colors and contrasts that night so I played with a few angles and focal lengths.
 Once again, the contrast of the lit black bicycle as opposed to the black of the night with the diffuse street lamp made for an interesting composition in my opinion.
 One more combination of my bicycle and neighborhood, focusing more on the neighborhood... All three of these were taken at the same time as I tried to find the right shot for that particular hour.
 I posted this photo on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with a caption joking that I am the reason Apple's stock does so well...
 Once again, my debilitating love of everything Apple. This was taken as I did my homework at Java Crew during the week-long photography project.
 If you don't love donuts (doughnuts?) we can never  truly be friends. This was taken at the campus espresso bar, Cafe Allegro.
 Our first out-of-class assignment was to take our phones to three different locations and take about 30 pictures over the course about 30 minutes. We weren't allowed to move more than about one step from our starting spot for each location. This. I took this picture outside of an alley in downtown Salem. This.
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