I was recently invited by a friend to participate in a creative process. I would like to share that invitation. Here are the rules as they were initially provided:

A Conversation in Mix Tapes, Part III: The Challenge
1) To being with, I’ll post a “mixtape” to tape.ly (within the next two weeks)
2) You will actually listen to it, all at once, wholly, and not in pieces
3) You create a “mixtape” in response to mine 
a. Rule I: Original Photo or Cover Art
b. Rule II: Include track list and any “notes”
c. Rule III: Post it within a two week time period
4) Ideally, this will continue in conversation form, allowing me to share and experience shared music in a more personal way. Are you willing to take the challenge?

I have created my tape in response to her and I would like to ask the same: make a mix tape that is a comment or statement to me to which I will attempt to reply. In this manner we will have a conversation of some true meaning.


You can check out my tape here: http://tape.ly/and-the-women-who-loved-him