Salmon Swimming Upstream

It all started around the New Year... I leaned over the crowded bar to order a drink and the woman sitting on the stool next to the spot I found to place my order turned to me and asked, "Has anyone ever told you that you have a radio voice?"

As we all do, I think my voice sounds on the higher pitch of the male spectrum in my head, and especially nasal on top of that. But also, yes ma'am. Yes I have. My friend Sara asked my to DJ her wedding, primarily to save money, but also because of my "radio voice."

I have no idea where my thought processes went from there, but within a day or so I was planning the format and subject of a podcast. I would find a group of people, maybe ten or so to start, with some common thread that I could interview over about half an hour. With ten minutes of introductory exposition and a couple minutes of wrap up, I could easily make a few episodes of a forty five minute podcast.

New Year's Eve eve I was at a tavern watching a high school acquaintance play guitar and I was, please forgive me for this (as you'll soon understand), inspired. I found the common thread of the people I would interview. Inspiration. Something inspires us to do keep at our passions or take up new ones. I was inspired by a random comment from a stranger. What drives other artists and creators and role models? I had my premise and my format.

Talking to a woman who was watching the band play while visiting a friend in town my recent train of thought came up. I really wish I remembered her name, because I was able to find a name for the show during that conversation. As an aside, I learned that I sound similar to Eric Teel, the Director of FM Network Programming and Music Director at Jefferson Public Radio in Oregon. While discussing inspiration, it was noted that, while inspiration can be easy to come by, following up on it isn't. It can feel like...

Well, if you've read this blog post, and you've seen the title, and you know that I'm creating a podcast... You get it. I'll post the first episode in the Podcast section of this site with a little better introduction in the near future.